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"Wynonna & Onawa, The Feminine Power and Wisdom Unite"

I named this painting, Wynonna (which means “first born” representing power) and Onawa (which means “wide awake” representing wisdom), The Feminine Power and Wisdom Unite because I wanted to show how I believe our country is coming together to transcend the past images of the fighting between the cowboy and Indians so that we are now coming together to create harmony. By uniting these two forces we will be able to move into an age of union and harmony instead of seeing life as separate and conflicting.
I chose to paint the feminine side because I believe we need more feminine energies to balance our masculine world.  I wanted to portray the returning of the feminine power.

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This painting had a mind of its own….for sure!

I thought I was going to paint a cowgirl with a horse and then a Indian with an eagle…to celebrate the coming together in peace (power and wisdom.

In my day we dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls and we watched cowboy shows. Some were just fighting between the Indians and cowboys. So I wanted to show that we are moving towards peaceful roots. But Suzannah said nope…I want to come out. So I just went with it. After painting the background…nothing else wanted to be on the canvas. So she popped out. So funny!!

I will probably still try to paint my vision on another canvas.  But we shall see. I never really know. Ha!

I love how the energy flows through and I just try to get out of the way. I never know where I am going….really! She will be in my shop soon.

Thanks for your interest!

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